My Wishes For 2020

Hi there! I’m hoping my readers are having a wonderful and relaxing holiday season!

I know I haven’t written to you all in a while, so here I am to talk to you about my wishes for 2020.

A few years ago, I attended one of my high school’s official New Year’s Eve skype calls. One of the big questions was “what would you wish for in 2017”? But here I was asking myself that this morning as I was knitting. So here’s my answer.

I would absolutely love, love, love to take up swimming! My mom and I had been talking about it for a while, but she claims she’d like to wait and see what happens in the new year, to see how busy we both are. If time permitted, it would be my ultimate dream to splash into a pool of nice cold water, letting it wrap itself in my skin!

My second wish for 2020 is to get the job I applied for back in October at the Alegro Music School. They are planning to expand their location into Ottawa as they’re currently only in Orleans, which is a bit of a voyage. I’m also hoping to be accepted into the Federal Public Service commission. I had taken the exam for them and I am hoping that they will find a way to hire me. That would be incredible! If I get that music teaching job and one from the FPS, then my dream of being an xyz by day and a music teacher by night will have come true! And I haven’t even hit thirty yet. So I’m holding out hope that this actually does happen! Of course, all my music lessons are during the week now, which is okay, but I would have to do a bit of … well… something. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Now, my third wish for 2020 is a bit of a long one, so get comfortable; (ha a!) My third wish is to do something that will greatly contribute to my independence, especially in the way of cooking! Cooking is an essential skill and I absolutely love it. I was talking to my father this morning about how I would like to find some more slow cooker recipes that I can eventually make independently. His response was something to do with versatility; something aout me potentially using the oven. I immediately denounced this because our oven has a touch pad on it, rendering it physically impossible for me to use. My dad said “well, you could prepare the stuff and then someone else could put it in/take it out of the oven…”

My argument against that is that by doing this, I’d only be acheiving partial independence. So, I have a few things in mind. One of them is this: Sometime in 2020, I would like to have a deep philosophical conversation with an I.L.S (independent liviing skills), specialist and find out from them if there is even a remote possibility of eventually obtaining an oven I can use entirely on my own. Such a huge question to tackle! I feel like an I.L.S specialist would be the only person who truly understands on my level the situation that I’m in. Perhaps, tehy could enlighten me as to things I hadn’t thought of before. I hope I’m actually right about this.

The other possibility is to find a way that I can get into a centre in the U.S that instructs people who are blind how to liveindependently. A friend of mine got into one of those on a scholarship, but I’m not sure how I would be able to do that. I had considered holding a benefit concert or twelve so I could raise money to go there. The other possibility is to start a go fund me page. The third possibility is to talk again to someone at this thing called P.C.I.L, which apparently stands for “Personal Choice Independent Living.” I hope I can eventually get the answers to some of my big huge questions on independence. By the end of the coming year, I would like to have some if not all of these questions answered; I would like to have taken a few more steps forward towards acheiving full independence. The one thing I can say that I am proud of is that I have begun to do some of my own grocery shopping with a few of my friends instead of my parents, so that’s a step in the right direction! I wonder where I’ll be a year from now in terms of that. I am anxious to see what this year brings for me in terms of independence. Hopefully a new microwave that doesn’t have a touch pad; that would be nice, but I somehow doubt that. There’s no use speculating at the moment. We’ll just have to wait and see, I guess. I would like to believe that good things are coming; my objective is to remain optimistic.

The other wish I have for 2020 is that my family and friends remain happy and healthy throughout the year! I would like to extend this wish to the readers of my blog.

It would be nice also if I could win the lottery!

Well,there you have it, readers. Those are my 2020 wishes. I hope that there are some stars in the sky because as the song says “When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true!”

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2 thoughts on “My Wishes For 2020

  1. Hey. I just read this. This is a great step forward. I totally have experience in cooking, and the stove I use has a marker on it so I can adjust the temperature. If you went to a school in the U.S., the temperatures they use in cooking, just so you know, are the imperial units. That is, they use Fahrenheit scale, not Celsius which Canadians use to do everything including the weather report. And another heads up: if you went to a training center, you’d definitely have to come up with thousands of dollars to go, and not everybody’s going to get you a scholarship. Thankfully, I think I might know your friend. Anyway, a GoFundMe is a good idea, until no one donates. So there might be other ideas for fundraisers, and benefit concerts are a great idea. I have a friend in Ohio who wants a special service dog, and not everybody’s on board, but she’s pulled a few fundraiser strings and managed to get thousands upon thousands because of media exposure, marketing, and so many other things. And it happens that a church is helping her with some of the fundraising. I’m reblogging this, as this is important.
    Your friend,

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